School Year 2016-2017



Thank you for your interest in volunteering your time and talents to assist at the Union City Area School District. Below is the list of documents for new volunteer applicants. Please click on the links provided to access each document.


         Letter to volunteers: Please read carefully and follow the instructions for each of the documents required.


         New volunteer application for anyone who was not School Board approved as a volunteer in 2015-2016.


         Affidavit for Volunteers (if qualified for exemption).


         Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification form.


         School Board policies and signature sheet for volunteers.


         Proof of current Tb test administered no more than twelve (12) months prior to date submitted to the Administration Office that indicates no evidence of active tuberculosis. This document must be obtained from your health-care provider and is self-pay.



Fully completed applications must be submitted to the Administration Office prior to School Board approval. See deadline dates noted in letter to volunteers.