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It is the mission of the Union City Area School District and the community to empower our students to be life-long learners by providing a safe and caring learning environment designed to meet the needs of each individual.


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   Coach Directory:

Fall Sports: 

Varsity Girls Volleyball (9th-12th):       Coach Rachel Moore            Email:  rmoore@ucasd.org

Varsity Boys/Girls Cross Country:       Coach Jeannette Boyd          Email: jboyd@ucasd.org

Jr. High Cross Country                          Coach Sharon Reagle            Email: sreagle@ucasd.org 

Varsity Football (9th-12th)                   Coach Randy Gunther          Email: rgunther@ucasd.org

Jr. High Football (7 & 8)                        Coach Joshua Blood              Email: jblood@ucasd.org

Jr. High Girls Basketball                        Coach Kristen Ahl                  Email: kahl@ucasd.org

Varsity Boys Golf (9th-12th)                 Coach Steve Yovich               Email: syovich@ucasd.org 

Varsity Girls Golf (9th-12th)                  Coach Nathan DeSimone    Email: ndesimone@ucasd.org 

Varsity Football Cheer (9th-12th)        Coach Jena Cross               Email: jchelton@ucasd.org 

 Winter Sports:

 Varsity Wrestling (9th-12th)               Coach Fred Caro                     Email: fcaro@ucasd.org

Jr. High Wrestling (7th-8th)                  Coach Michael Wydro            Email: mwydro@ucasd.org

Varsity Girls Basketball (9th-12th)      Coach Matt Moon                  Email: mmoon@ucasd.org

Varsity Boys Basketball (9th-12th)      Coach Shawn Thompson      Email: sethompson@ucasd.org

Jr. High Boys Basketball (7th-8th)        Coach Adam McNulty            Email: amcnulty@ucasd.org

Varsity Boys/Girls Swimming                Coach Beth Hayes                  Email:  ehayes@ucasd.org

Varsity Wrestling Cheer (9th-12th)       Coach Dana Ward and Coach Megan Myers      Email: dward@ucasd.org and mmyers@ucasd.org 

 Varsity Basketball Cheer (9th-12th)      

Jr. High Cheer (7th -8th)                           Coach Marlee Jones            Email:   mjones@ucasd.org

Spring Sports: 

Varsity Softball (9th-12th)                        Coach Jerry VanZandt           Email:  gvanzandt@ucasd.org 

Varsity Baseball (9th-12th)                       Coach Brian Patten              Email:   bpatten@ucasd.org 

Varsity Boys/Girls Track (9th-12th)         Coach Jeannette Boyd         Email:   jboyd@ucasd.org

Jr. High Boys/Girls Track (9th-12th)        Coach Cindy Struble             Email:  cstruble@ucasd.org 




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