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Welcome to Mr. Ferretti's Media/Tech Class

The students are currently working on the following projects:

5th Grade-Researching the 50 states then using this information to make a Microsoft Brochure.


4th Grade-Researching the Northeastern States then applying that information to make a brochure using Microsoft Publisher.


3rd Grade-Using Microsoft Excel to make a spreadsheet quiz using the antonym information that they learned from their 3rd grade class.


2nd Grade-Applying the information that they gathered from the internet to make a PowerPoint Presentation on the six different animal groups.


1st Grade-They have been studying polar animals in their homeroom classes. This information is being used to make a PowerPoint Presentation.


Kdg-The students have been studying Jan Brett. They are making a PowerPoint Presentation with this information.






























If you have any questions or concerns please contact me by phone (438-7611 ext 2138) or email me at dferretti@ucasd.org.