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It is the mission of the Union City Area School District and the community to empower our students to be life-long learners by providing a safe and caring learning environment designed to meet the needs of each individual.

Guidance Office

Elementary Guidance

There are many programs at the elementary school that help to address a child’s social and emotional development. Some of these programs include:

Student Assistance Program (SAP) – a multi-disciplinary team composed of the principals, the school psychologist, classroom teachers, the school truancy officer, the elementary school counselor and outside agency counselors. This team meets regularly to address serious behavioral and academic concerns of any student in our building. 

Small Group Support Programs – these short-term programs help selected students deal with social skills, bullying issues, self-esteem, or any other topic that may be needed. 

Refocus Room - the Refocus Room is a proactive approach to dealing with the rise of social, emotional, and behavioral problems in school. The program provides a positive and quiet environment where students can discuss academic and behavioral difficulties, receive academic help, and develop a plan for improvement. As a result, students "refocus" so that in-class success can occur. 

Crisis Management – the counselor is an active part of the crisis management team in the district that is specially prepared to deal with a large-scale emergency.

Referrals to outside agencies – the elementary school works with many outside social agencies to help with the health, education and welfare of the students in the building. Some other professionals from outside agencies who work with our children in the school include Mikki Myers (SAP liaison from Sarah Reed), Kim Coughlin (outpatient counselor from Sarah Reed) and Chris Fraser (Truancy Officer employed by Sarah Reed to service Union City).

Please feel free to call Ed McMahan, Elementary School Counselor, at (814) 438-7611 Ext. 3146 if there are any questions or concerns regarding a program or individual student.


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