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It is the mission of the Union City Area School District and the community to empower our students to be life-long learners by providing a safe and caring learning environment designed to meet the needs of each individual.

Proudly serving the residents of Union City Borough, Union Township, and Bloomfield Township.

The Great Conversation

The Great Conversation!

The Great Conversation

A video series for our times 

The Great Conversation™ is informative, entertaining, and inspiring. The series is hosted by Jamie Vollmer, a nationally acclaimed public education advocate and author of the award-winning book, Schools Cannot Do It Alone. Jamie’s stated goal is two-fold:

"First, to increase support for the people working in our public schools. We are asking them to educate the most diverse, distracted, demanding generation of students the world has ever seen! They need all the help they can get. Second, to encourage the staff and community work together to help all students get the education they need to succeed as adults."

Video 1Welcome to The Great Conversation!

Video 2 -  Promoting Public Education

Video 3Introduction to the Blueberry Story

Video 4The Blueberry Story - Part One

Video 5The Blueberry Story - Part Two

Video 6Defending Public Education – A flood of negativity

Video 7Defending Public Education – Part Two

Video 8Understanding the Threats – The Media

Video 9Understanding the Threats – Politics – Part One

Video 10Understanding the Threats – Politics – Part Two

Video 11What Can We Do Now? Our School Marquees

Video 12Survivor on Middle School Island

Video 13Understanding the Threats - Business Leaders - Part One

Video 14Understanding the Threats - Business Leaders - Part Two

Video 15Understanding the Threats - Neo-Reformers

Video 16Understanding the Threats - School Choice

Video 17 - What Can We Do Now #2 - The 5Ss

Video 18 - We Must Stand Up

Video 19A Second Reason to Join the Conversation

Video 20Why Are We Not Getting the Results We Need – Part One

Video 21 -  Why Are We Not Getting the Results We Need – Misconceptions - Part Two

Video 22 - Why Are We Not Getting the Results We Need – A System Problem

Video 23 - Why Are We Not Getting the Results We Need – Jefferson – Part One

Video 24 - Why Are We Not Getting the Results We Need – Jefferson – Part Two

Video 25Important Message About Our Public Schools

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