Instruction for English Language Learners

language proficiency of students who are English Learners (EL), the district shall provide an effective Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP) that meets the needs of English Learners. The goal of the LIEP shall be to demonstrate success in increasing English language proficiency and student academic achievement so that EL students can attain the academic standards adopted by the Board and achieve academic success. EL students shall be identified, assessed and provided appropriate instruction in accordance with the LIEP, and shall be provided an equitable opportunity to achieve their maximum potential in educational programs and extracurricular activities, consistent with federal and state laws and regulations.

For access to our district's process for identifying, assessing, providing instruction, and ensuring the success of English Learners in our instructional programs at UCASD, please feel free to review the following documents:

Our district is proud to partner with the Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit (IU5) for English Language Instruction services. To learn more about accommodations for English Language Learners, best practices for delivering instruction, or information about language acquisition and proficiency, please feel free to visit the resources below:

Please reach out to our district's ELD coordinator, Mrs. Stacey Dell, should you have any questions:

Stacey D. Dell
Director of Curriculum & Special Programs
(814) 438-3804 ext. 5457
Email Mrs. Stacey Dell 

Serving Migrant Students

Our district is also committed to ensuring that we provide migrant students with appropriate services to determine their educational and health-related needs and to empower them for success at school and beyond. For access to our district's policy for ensuring the success of our migrant students, please use the link below:

To learn more about how our community can work together to support our migrant students, please access the resources below:

If you have questions regarding Policy 142, please reach out to our Director of Curriculum & Special Programs, Mrs. Stacey Dell, at (814) 438-3804 ext. 5457 or