Title I

Our elementary school receives federal funding through Title I. Our district is committed to involving families in our academic planning to ensure that these funds are used to equip our students with the resources and tools that they need to be successful! We look forward to working with families during the 2022-2023 school year to revise our compact, to seek input on funding ideas and areas of need, and to learn about ways we can work together as a community to empower our students.

Each elementary family would have received a letter about our Title I programming in their child's beginning-of-the-year packet. We host an annual Title I Parent Meeting, an annual review of our Title I Parent Compact & Board Policies, and other events geared toward engaging families and students in the learning process. This and other information about Title I events will be posted here and on our elementary school homepage. Take a look below at some of our events planned for this year, as well as some general resources and information about Title I at UCASD!

2023-2024 Title I Programming at Union City Area Elementary School

We are so excited for another great year of Title I programming at Union City Area Elementary School! We recently uploaded our Title I Schoolwide Plan for 2023-2024 for PDE approval and will post that plan below for your access! We will be setting the dates for not only our Title I Annual Parent Meeting but also our other Title I events for the year in the coming days! Please keep checking back!

General Information about Title I at UCASD

Resources about Title I Programming & Parental Involvement

Union City Area School District Title I Policies

UCASD Policy 918: Title I Parent and Family Engagement

If you have questions about Title I and other federal programs, please reach out to our Director of Curriculum & Special Programs, Mrs. Stacey Dell, at (814) 438-3804 ext. 5457 or sdell@ucasd.org. To learn more about future Title I events at our elementary school, you can contact the Director of Curriculum & Special Programs or our Elementary School Principal, Dr. Melissa Tomcho at  (814) 438-7611 ext. 3407 or mtomcho@ucasd.org.

2022-2023 Title I Programming at Union City Area Elementary School

2021-2022 Title I Programming at Union City Area Elementary School